ANDON System Successfully Installed on Assembly Line

New Andon Modules Developed and Integrated into Rockware® Magic™ Platform

1/31/2015 - Michigan

Rockware® Magic™ was successfully installed on an assembly line in late 2014 and early 2015. This installation has a unique layout providing a single interface that acts as the main Dashboard™, Cash Register™, and the Shift Recap™ report. Two large Andon displays and one line side touchscreen were deployed in key locations. Three new modules were added to this line that are now part of the Rockware® Magic™ fold. Plant personnel were very helpful with development, testing, and debugging of the new modules listed below.

  • A call system which is linked to an auto Email/Text Message service
  • A warning countdown module to display when a line is on break or is ready to restart
  • An hourly breakdown interface displaying calculations and allowing data entry by the hour similar to a "Whiteboard".

Each of these modules provide color coded and blinking indicators that are viewable on each of the Andon displays. A second dashboard was created to give a plantwide overview displaying a simplyfied status of each assembly line. This dashboard also displays plantwide calls and warnings. Remaining plant assembly lines are scheduled to be added to the system in 2015. Team Ray Technologies provided the engineering and integrations services for this project.