INJECTION MOLDING System Launch Followed by Significant Efficiency Gains

2nd System Launched at Automotive Lighting Plant

11/20/2014 - Alabama

The second launch of Rockware® Magic™ Real-Time Data Monitoring and Manufacturing Execution System was completed in July of 2014. The 1st launch occurred in the Rear Molding Department in 2013. Large Improvements occurred soon after the 1st launch including a 14% increase in cycles per day in a six month period in the Rear Lighting Department. Six months after the 2nd launch, Efficiency and Utilization have improved over 19% in the Forward Lighting Department. New functionality was also added to both systems in November including a web based dashboard that can be brought up on cell phones or tablets and a new web based Cash Register Interface for press side data entry. A call system was also established that allow calls to be initiated for certain personnell at specific presses. Color coded messages are displayed on department dashboards until they are answered by appropriate personnel. Team Ray Technologies provided the engineering and integrations services for this project.