Companies Acquire New Location

New Location Provides Additional Space for New Business Ventures

6/1/2019 - 1814 River Road, Huron, Ohio

Rockware Corp and Team Ray Technologes, LLC have moved locations to 1814 River Road, Huron, Ohio. The 9000 plus square foot office will provide the companies with more area for employee offices, training laboratories, training classrooms and a new Datacenter. The new office is an integral move for the companies future plans for providing full Cloud based services and Cloud based products along with setting up Certification training classes for manufacturing related technical skills including computer, networking, electrical, automation, PLC progrogramming, robotics, cameras, engineering, troubleshooting, KPIs,databases, and integrated applications. The 1606 Main Street, Bellevue Ohio Office, will contue to be utilized for Shop floor space, satellite office space, and storage.

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