Intelligent Manufacturing Machine™
All-In-One Shop Floor Management


Developed by manufacturing professionals over the last 20 years, IMM™ is a CUSTOMIZABLE ONE-OF-A-KIND solution capable of providing all of the functionality of MES, ANDON, SCADA, TRACK AND TRACE and HMI applications in a single system.

Highlights of System Include:

  • Real-Time OEE and KPIs
  • Shift Recap Reporting For Supervisors, Engineers and Maintenance
  • Production and Defect Reporting
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Scheduling
  • Traceability
  • Quality Management
  • Process Management
  • Materials Management
  • Integrated Task Management

What we provide similiar to our competitors?

  • ROI - Faster response times and proper allocation of resources result in monetary gains
  • Connection - We can connect to all equipment - we are experts at data acquisition
  • Scalable - We can scale to plantwide, division wide, and global wide operations
  • Analytics - We provide a myriad of graphical, interactive, and automated reporting options
  • Integration - We can read and write to all ERP or other data sources
  • Expeditious - We are able to get systems deployed very quickly
  • Cloud - We provide cloud and smart phone based applications and notifications
  • Reliable - Are systems have very high uptimes with very few systematic issues

What we provide that seperates us from our competitors?

  • Turnkey - We provide turnkey integration and configuration - no finger pointing
  • Customizable - We provide customizable solution specific for each customer
  • Guaranteed - We will not accept payment until the project is complete
  • Knowledge - We were once Manufacturing Professionals who understand our customers
  • Quality - We provide an integrated Quality Control module
  • Modules - We can integrate plug-in customized modules for each customer
  • Non-Proprietary - We provide a Microsoft Office front-end and a MS SQL Server back-end that is modifyable by others
  • Flexible - We have an architecture that allows us to provide unlimited flexibility to our customers