Machine Intelligence™ Shop Floor Software

Refined Data Collection, Andon Display, and Reporting Solutions

Unique Methods Provide Powerful, Flexible, and Streamlined Solutions

The creators of Rockware® Magic™ Industrial Software have been building Andon display, HMI (Human Machine Interfaces), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) for over 15 years using a variety of proprietary software packages prior to developing their own solution using Microsoft database driven applications in 2005. Innovative middleware applications have been developed in-house to collect data from OPC compliant controllers, text files, human entry, or other data sources and send to a relational database to provide useful business and engineering information that can be displayed by non-proprietary front-end (Graphical User Interface) solutions real-time. All Rockware® applications are built using the latest in Microsoft database and application technology. Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques such as creating reusable templates and utilizing front-end products like Microsoft Access to allow quick creation of objects and editing are implemented to ensure advanced products can be delivered in a timely fashion and can be tailored to exactly what the customer needs.

Rockware® Magic™ Software Systems come standard with many prebuilt dashboards, interfaces, historical data logs, and reports along with providing customers the ability to write values to PLCs comparable to an industrial HMI where applicable. Systems can be displayed on any type of device and can integrate with any applicable 3rd party systems including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems like SAP. All Rockware® Products provide unlimited customization potential to ensure CUSTOMERS GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT at the time of initial launch and in future ventures without having to make concessions. Rockware® Products can be standardized across a plant or entire corporation to ensure there are consistent interfaces, calculations, and reports.

The creators of Rockware® Magic™ Industrial Software also have years of experience working as supervisors, engineers, production managers, quality managers, and maintenance managers. The layout and standard components of Rockware® Magic Software are unique to the industry and have been strategically architected based on first hand experience and knowledge gained by working with manufacturing professionals and operators from a variety of industrial venues. Standard components include:

  • Switchboard™
  • Dashboards™
  • Advanced Configuration Set-up
  • HMI and SCADA
  • Shift Recap™
  • Cash Register™ Operator Touch Screen Interfaces
  • Drill-Down Logs™ with Complex Filtering and Reporting
  • Quality Monitoring Tools
  • Scheduling Tools
  • PM Tool™

Other popular Plug-In Components include Central Switchboard, Andon Light, Live Schedule, Auto Email Reports , Birth Certificate™ (Part Traceability), Live Scheduling, Line Side Dimensional Gauging , Web based interface for phones and tablets, Email/Text Alerts, Overhead Paging, Bar Code Scanning, RFID Scanning and Assigning, Bar Code Printing, Recipe Storage, Process Parameters, Inspection Check Monitoring , SPC Statistical Reports CPK/PPK /Chi-square/Pchart, and Training Versatility Matrix.

Rockware® Cloud™ Servers are available if no in-house servers are available or they can be utilized for off-site storage or other functions in conjunction with local system.

Below are some schematics and diagrams explaining network layout and software layers for Rockware® Magic™ Systems. Detail and screen shots of components can be accessed from the menu on the left. For more information please email or call (419) 483-5649 to contact a Rockware Corp/Team Ray Technologies Representative.

Below is a General Logical Layout For Rockware® Magic™ Systems