05/01/2016 Rockware® Magic™ IMM Goes International — Launches Production Monitoring System in South Africa
02/25/2015 Team Ray Integrating Raytek Thermal Imaging Camera Wtih Custom Software — Monitors and Records Tool Temperature To Alert Facilty of Issues
02/19/2015 PC-Based Industrial Testing Unit Successfully Runs Multiple Applications — One Unit Can Handle Performing Multiple Functions
02/15/2015 INJECTION MOLDING System Launch Followed by Significant Efficiency Gains — 2nd System Launched at Automotive Lighting Plant
01/31/2015 ANDON System Successfully Installed on Assembly Line — New Andon Modules Developed and Integrated into Rockware® Magic™ Platform
06/01/2014 Companies Move to New Location — New Location Includes Shop Floor and Additional Space
03/30/2014 PC-Based Current Decay Machine Installed For 2015 F150 Low Series Light Testing — Computer Based System with Dynamic Inrush Detection Provides Vast Improvement
02/15/2014 PC-Based Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) Tester Launched — Computer Based System Integrates CAN Bus with OPC
01/15/2014 PC-Based Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) Tester Launched — Computer Based System Integrates LIN with OPC