Project Management


Our Project managers our seasoned vetrans along with having hands on experience with the technology being implemented. In most cases our project manager is also one of the lead engineers. This eliminates the need for an additional person "middle man" to act as an interpreter between the engineers and customer. We can also manage subcontractors and in-house skilled trades eliminating communication gaps that cause confusion, delay, and costly mistakes.

Team Ray organizes their projects by developing a detailed equipment list and scope of work with a timeline that ensures milestones are hit on time as the project progresses. In-house database driven software has been developed with task lists, Gantt charts, and other useful tools to assist in handling task assignments in complex projects and evaluating progress. We are very efficient at projects involving the integration of Rockware Corp. products because of our in-depth knowledge of the products. We excel at project management because we understand the technologies, we understand the people involved, we ensure communication is effectively administered, and we maintain organization with advanced tools through the life of the project.

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