Questions and Answers


Below are common questions with applicable answers. Please Contact us if there is a question not answered below or if you need more clarification on any item. In general we are very flexible and do whatever it takes to make things work as our customers intend.

  • Who provides the Server?
  • This is determined by the customer. We can provide a local server or provide Cloud Server services if desired. In most cases are customers provide local servers to house the main Microsoft SQL Server Databases. We require Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher to run our systems.

  • Does Rockware Corp. provide Cloud Services?
  • Yes. We currently have two data centers that currently provide cloud-based services to exisitng customers. We are planning on launching a new product in 2020 called "Mobile Shop" that will be fully cloud based and is a lighter and less expensive version of IMM™.

  • Who performs installation and initial configuration?
  • We provide all required programming and initial configuration which is included in the price of the project unlike our competitors. If electrical or mechanical work needs completed to implement, we can quote separately but most customers usually handle this portion of the project. However, we have the resources to provide a full turnkey project if desired.

  • How are Rockware® products priced?
  • IMM™ is priced by machine with a minimum overall price for intial installation. OEI™ is priced by devices (computer/tablet). CIT™ like IMM is also priced by machine. To date all Rockware® systems allow unlimited users. Different types of machines will have different price points base don the amount of time required to integrate and debug.

  • How does service work?
  • We provide launch support for at least 3 months after any launch until the calendar year changes. If a project is completed between October 1st to December 31st it will not be added to the subsequent years continuing support agreement. We charge 18% of the original machine or device license for the continuing support contract annually. The agreed upon amount needs to be paid by March 31st of contract year or support, including phone call support, will no longer be provided.

  • Can corporate report templates be added?
  • Yes. We can add any report to the 100s of reports that come standard with the system if we know about them during launch phase of project.

  • Can you connect to Overhead Paging Systems
  • Yes. We do this for several customers.

  • Can you notify personnel by text message or email?
  • Yes. We can send event based notifications via text message or email to applicable subscribers.

  • Do we have Distributors of our Productsl?
  • Yes. We currently have one distributor with a specific region and are looking for more distributors to in regions with no current distributors.