Our Products
Rockware Corp. has dozens of stand-alone products and many modules that can be used together as building blocks to provide plant and corporate wide solutions. We are continually creating new and enhancing exisiting products to keep up with customer demands and remain on the cutting-edge of technology. Rockware Corp. has years of shop floor experience which provides a significant edge in understanding how to architect products that provide value to the customer and are easy for them to configure and use. Products are developed and tested in a simulated environment to ensure functionality works as intended and will perform realiably over the long run. To see some of these products first hand, request a DEMO today.
Solutions Isometric Art
Solutions Isometric Art
Real-Time Innovation
Rockware® Shop Floor Software
Rockware® Shop Floor Software is a suite of products and modules that allow you to monitor machines and processes in real-time, provide intelligence to automatically shut down or interlock machines, and integrate with your ERP system.
Rockbox® Test and SCADA
Embedded Technology
Rockware® Shop Floor Software products rely on integrated Rockbox® products for data collection and machine control. Stand-alone Rockbox® products provide component testing, SCADA, and label printing functionality. The product group as a whole provides a wide range of different functionality but all products have one thing in common. They require seamless integration between computers, machine PLCs, and devices.
Solutions Isometric Art