Rockbox® Test and SCADA
Embedded Technology
Rockware® Shop Floor Software products rely on integrated Rockbox® products for data collection and machine control. Stand-alone Rockbox® products provide component testing, SCADA, and label printing functionality. The product group as a whole provides a wide range of different functionality but all products have one thing in common - they require seamless integration between computers, machine PLCs, and Devices. The proprietary methods for facilitating seamless and transparent communication have been perfected over the last 17 years through extensive research and development. Rockbox® products come in different form factors depending on product type. Components that typically make up a Rockbox® product include electrical panels, mini-PLCs, embedded computers, databases, OPC servers, services, and middleware applications. Rockbox® products are continually being created and enhanced to keep up with the latest demands of the Industry 4.0 revolution.
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Rockbox® Features
Embedded Technology
Integration Friendly Easy to integrate into your plant floor processes. Services provided are transparent to mission critical operations. Turn Key integration available upon request.
Reliable The combination of hardened devices with historically proven applications result in a robust device that will operate problem free on the plant floor and in harsh environments.
Flexible Multiple form factors and versions of most products are available to provide required functionality for each project.
Seamless Integration
Rockbox® Products
Embedded Technology
A comprehensive testing and logging platform for devices connected to LIN, CAN, and other embedded vehicle networks. For integrators, Eazy-BUS is simple to set-up and will easily integrate with any resident control system.
Serial Print Server (SPS)
SPS-100, 200, 400, and 500 are dynamic industrial label printing services that includes a studio application for creating and modifying label templates without having to modify PLC programs.
Current Decay (CD)
CD-100 is a testing and data collection module for filament based lighting used primarily for detecting automotive lighting that will prematurely fail due to microcracks in the glass.
Input (I)
I16,I32,I64, and I128 are centralized PLC based solution for providing data collection for non-OPC compliant machines. Four box sizes available including 16, 32, 64, and 128 inputs.
Remote Input-Output (RIO)
RIO is a decentralized solution utilizing remote input/output modules for providing data collection for non-OPC compliant machines. RIO can also communicate with devices such as RFID scanners or energize discrete outputs from remote input/output modules to interlock machines.
Decentralized Input-Output (DIO)
DIO is a decentralized solution utilizing mini-PLCs for providing data collection for non-OPC compliant machines. DIO can send outputs from mini-PLCs to interlock machines.
eDart-X is an application that provides two-way communication with RJG eDart systems. It can track cycles along with other pertinent process and job data from injection molding machines and tools.
OPC2DB is a middleware application for providing seamless two-way communication between machines and databases. OPC2DB can connect to IO, RIO, DIO and other OPC compliant controllers to facilitate data collection and writing to machines for control.
DX is an embedded OPC Server with dual network interface cards running OPC2DB along with any other middleware software applications and services.