Rockware® Shop Floor Software
Real-Time Innovation
Rockware® Shop Floor Software is a suite of products and modules that allow you to monitor machines and processes in real-time, provide intelligence to automatically shut down or interlock machines, and integrate with your ERP system. Rockware® products and modules can be used in any manufacturing environment and will instantly optimize your workflows, highlight weak points, and provide analytics so you can make make data-driven decisions. Schedule a free consultation to see how Rockware® products can improve your shop floor.
Rockware® Features
Real-Time Innovation
Interoperablity Products can be integrated together to provide advanced solutions. All products can integrate directly with ERP systems and other 3rd Party systems.
Supported Support is provided for the life of each installation. Our support team consists of software developers and technicians readily available to help solve any issues.
Evolving The developers at Rockware Corp. are continually creating new and improved products and modules to keep up with the Industry 4.0 revloution and remain on the cutting edge.
Solutions Isometric Art
Innovation that Excites
Rockware® Products
Real-Time Innovation
Intelligent Manufacturing Machine (IMM)
IMM is an award-winning shop floor management platform providing full OEE, MES and ANDON functionality. IMM can be implemented in any production environment and provides a large number of dashboards, reports, and modules for customers to choose from.
Central Intelligent Tracking (CIT)
CIT is a state-of-the-art Track & Trace system that includes error proofing, machine interlocking, binning, and audit trails. CIT provides a birth certificate report that displays part genealogy along with station specific data log and process data graphing tools.
Operator Entry Interface (OEI)
OEI is An intuitive operator interface that offers an enhanced HMI experience for zone-based defect entry, downtime code entry, and quality document interaction.
Anywhere Data (AWD)
AWD is a cloud-based ANDON system that incorporates the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for connecting machines to the internet.
Automated Alert System (eMsg)
eMsg is an automated notification system that sends text messages or emails to subscribers for a multitude of preconfigured calls and KPI violations.
Automated Reporting System (eRpt)
eRpt is an automated Excel and PDF report generating system that periodically sends text messages or emails with attachments to subscribers for preconfigured report groups.
Import/Export 3rd Party Data (ePort)
ePort is an import and export service for integrating with ERP and other 3rd Party systems.
Overhead Paging (OHP)
OHP is an application that uses text-to-speech technology to announce manual and automated messages through an overhead paging system.