Modular Building Blocks
Rockware Corp. products are modular and can be seamlessly combined with third-party applications, operator input, and machine data to deliver a unique set of functionalities tailored to each environment. Our flexible solutions integrate various products to meet your manufacturing needs, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensive control across all processes. By leveraging our solutions, you can optimize workflows, improve data visibility, and achieve superior operational performance. We have highlighted two of our most popular systems below but we provide solutions for any industrial environments including CNC, paint, coating, stamping, extrusion, heat treat, metallization, welding, fabrication, SHOGO, routing, foam, etc.
Solutions Isometric Art
Solutions Isometric Art
Track & Trace
Overcoming shortcomings of other Track & Trace Systems
Our CIT™ Track & Trace solutions provide a comprehensive Birth Certificate™ report for all serialized components, including trending and SPC for all numeric process data. CIT™ interlocks machines to prevent defective parts from advancing to subsequent stations, ensuring quality and compliance at every step. This solution combines the functionalities of an MES and a Track & Trace system into a single, cohesive package.
Injection Molding Isometric Art
Easy to Use and Affordable
Injection Molding
Our Injection Molding solutions offer essential data such as cycles, downtime, and scrap, along with advanced integrated features including process data sheets, process monitoring with SPC, material inventory with traceability, maintenance modules, quality control checks, and multiple scheduling options. These features ensure precise control and optimization of the injection molding process, leading to improved quality, efficiency, and productivity. Many of our solutions involve connecting to water flow sensors, interlocking the machine, or controlling and monitoring conveyors and other auxiliary devices.