Track & Trace that Works
Overcoming the short comings of other track & trace systems
CIT™ Track & Trace solutions provide a comprehensive Birth Certificate™ report for all serialized components, including trending and SPC for all numeric process data. CIT™ interlocks machines to prevent defective parts from advancing to subsequent stations, ensuring quality and compliance at every step. This solution combines the functionalities of an MES and a Track & Trace system into a single, cohesive package. Turnkey integration is an option to prevent finger-poining between the software provider and the integrator.
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A Complete Solution
Traceability made easy
FastCIT™ processes data quickly, can be integrated quickly, and can be learned quickly while keeping your mission critical processes operating quickly.
AccurateThe middleware that performs data acquisition and writing to PLCs has been proven since 2009 to be accurate for cycle, reject, and process data collection. A definitive message displays to the operator when a machine interlock occurs.
EasyManual operator stations are easy to set up and operate. Birth Certificate™ reports can simply be generated by scanning a barcode. All reporting tools are easy to navigate, easy to export to MS Excel and easy to print.
TransparentUnlike many competitive products, our systems are transparent to mission critical operations. CIT™ requires a minimal foot print and will never slow down PLC scan times or require additional storage memory.
Central Intelligent Tracking
Real-time Traceability
Small Footprint
The PLC code required for CIT™ has a small footprint and is transparent to mission critical operations.
Simple Integration
Turnkey integration is offered or standardized PLC code can be provided to onsite personnel or a third-party integrator.
Network Flexibility
CIT™ will work with any single or multi-tiered network setup. No special configuration is needed.
CIT™ can be integrated with any type of PLC for any type of production environment.
Logins can be tied to RFID scanners to quickly identify and track operators working at each station for each part produced. Operators will be displayed on the Birth Certificate™ report.
Repair Stations
Manual repair stations are simple to operate and provide an audit trail for all manual operations.
Label Printing
Options our available for serial number creation and barcode label printing.
Scan to Pack
Scan to Pack functionality is a feature that is available including container label printing.
User Friendly
The web application is easy to navigate. Data can be pinpointed and easily retrieved. All information can be exported to Excel or printed.
Industrial Camera
Images from industrial cameras can be linked to serial numbers, allowing for quick retrieval of images. Images can also be viewed from the Birth Certificate™ report.
CIT™ is a plantwide traceability solution. Parts from different departments can be tracked throughout the entire production process.
Process Data
Process data is collected and is displayed in Birth Certificate™ reports and data logs that export to MS Excel. CIT™ provides trending and SPC tools for quick visual analysis of critical data points.