Our Products
When it comes to data collection and analysis, we have two headline products: Shop Floor Suite and Rockbox®. Together, they allow us to not only create realtime, intuitive data tracking applications, but also integrate them. These products can function independently, but work best and are most cost effective when paired together, making us your one stop shop for industrial data track, analysis, and integration.
Solutions Isometric Art
Solutions Isometric Art
Modular and Scalable
Shop Floor Suite
Rockware® Shop Floor Suite is a collection of plug and play modules that allows you to build a data collection dashboard tailored to your specific needs. Modules are constantly updated and created, meaning that there are always new features around the corner. Our modules are heavily tested and some have been in use and helping clients for almost twenty years.
5 Ways to Integrate
When it comes to integration, no one has us beat. our partnership with team Ray Technologies allows us to offer you innovative and modern integration strategies and highly trained electrical and mechanical engineers. Say no more to having third parties install software made by a company they have no contact with. Our relationship and communication allow integration to be seamless and easy.
Solutions Isometric Art