Our Solutions
Here at Rockware® Corp. we pride ourselves on our versatility as software developers and being able to tackle any challenge ahead of us. We offer, but do not limit ourselves to, three core solutions to handle data tracking, user entry, and data display for the manufacturing industry. If you would like to hear more about our solutions or inquire whether or not we can develop a solution for you, contact us!
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KPIs at your Fingertips
Injection Molding
Our injection molding solutions are the most robust and iterative solutions at Rockware®. Developed over the past twenty years, our solutions have been tried and tested in manufacturing plants across the Midwest. From custom solutions to modular packages, we are confident that we have a solution for you.
Testing and Gauging
intelliSCREEN started as a simple temperature checker amidst the global pandemic, but has since evolved into a complete testing and gauging system. Thanks to our partners at Team Ray Technologies, we are able to build entire testing stations integrated with our latest and greatest traceability applications, or simply integrate our software with your already up and running shop floor processes.
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Track and Trace
Quality Assurance
Traceability is mandatory across the manufacturing realm to provide quality and safety assurance. Our Track and trace solutions offer real-time data points to track every part in production. When integrated with your shop floor processes, our software can control machines and prevent invalid parts from ever making it down the line.