Injection Molding
Your Number One Injection Molding System
We have developed an abundance of modules specifically for injection molding over the years and have developed multiple methods for automatically communicating with machines. Our oldest system still in production was originally made in 2008 and still runs in plants across the Midwest. Our latest version, Rockware® IMM, is a 6th generation solution that provides mission critical functionality to dozens of plants across the globe.
Seamless Integration
5 Ways to Integrate
Rockbox® I We provide centralized boxes that can connect to machines within 300 feet featuring relays and a PLC with four different sizes.
Rockbox® RIO We or the customer can provide remote IO modules to be installed on each machine. This provides the opportunity for connecting devices such as RFID scanners for mold recognition.
Rockbox® DIO We or the customer can provide mini-PLCs that can be installed directly in the machine's electrical cabinet. We then provide the PLC programming and can use spare outputs for machine control.
Rockbox® eDart-X We provide a middleware software application that allows us to handle two-way communication with eDarts.
OPC Compliant Controller This method allows us to pull almost any metric from machines will also being the most cost effective.
Solutions Isometric Art
Innovative Software
Flexible and Tailored to you
Real-time Traceability
Cycle Time and Data
Every cycle is logged with a timestamp in our system and directly tied to machine, job, shift, and numerous other metrics. Cycle times are derived from the previous cycle and current cycle. The cycle data we gather is the basis for all KPI calculations such as OEE.
Dashboards and Displays
Our centralized dashboards and displays allow you to visualize your plant's performance at one glance. Dashboards and displays can be viewed on any PC, TV, Tablet, or Phone.
Granularity by Cavity
Our relational structures allow us to link cycle time directly to the part, tool, and cavity that it came from along with tracking material usage. These connections make up a job and provide detail at the cavity level.
Operator Interfaces
We provide multip HMI options that can run on any device that allows for user interaction. Our interfaces offer scrap entry, downtime entry, initiating calls, quality control such as first piece, work instructions, and more.
Preventative Maintenance
We provide cycle-based preventative maintenance modules for tools and machine-hour based preventative maintenance modules for machines. These modules are simple and easy to use so that you can keep track of your equipment maintenance.
Legacy System Conversion
We can and have successfully upgraded vendor legacy systems while also keeping certain standards such as color scheme.
Shift Recap
This module allows supervisors to reconcile production, downtime codes, and scrap. It also allows users to enter comments and concerns before generating a shift recap report. This is the heartbeat of any molding department.
This module handles the scheduling of customer orders or internal WIP while also tracking all changeovers. Displayed in a GANTT chart, changeovers can be quickly identified so that resources are allocated in a timely manner.
Material Management
When jobs, cavities, parts, and BOMs are configured properly in conjunction with a schedule, accurate material needs and usage can be tracked and reported.
Process Parameters
We provide tools to facilitate the storing of process parameters and the monitoring of actual versus standard. We can add error proofing and machine interlocking options for machine control if discrepancy is detected.
Our notification module allows you to be updated in realtime via text or email about your shop floor processes.