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Advanced Testing and Traceability Systems
We at Rockware Corp. have teamed up with the engineers at Team Ray Technologies to create a complete and innovative solution for manufacturing traceability. The combined strength of our data tracking, analysis, and display with the integration knowledge of Team Ray make our solution more affordable, more credible, and easier to install at your plant. Originally a solution in response to COVID-19, intelliSCREEN has evolved into a robust and dynamic traceability solution operating in plants across the Midwest.
Two Companies, One Team
A Response to COVID-19
Rockware Corp. and Team Ray Technologies have combined their expertise to provide a line of industrial testing and gauging systems. Our joint knowledge of mechanical and electrical design, software development, rapid iteration, and architectures allowed us to create a robust system for recording test results and facilitating quality control measures.
The two companies have provided electrical and software services for a large variety of companies since 2005, and continue to offer their individual services. However, in 2020 in response to COVID-19, the two companies decided to come together to create the TCDC, an intuitive temperature checking system paired with a cloud based questionnaire for tracking and accountability purposes. This officially entered the companies into the mechanical design and machine building space.
The above video paints the picture of how the two companies quickly came together in response to a global pandemic. At first, it was just a desire to help people and clients feel safe to return back to work, but after selling dozens of TCDCs the two companies realized that they were on to something much bigger than just temperature checking. That is why they turned intelliSCREEN into a robust system for any testing, gauging, and tracking needs. intelliSCREEN allows you to uphold quality standards and gives you easily accessible reports and logs for your data. With multiple systems already in place across the Midwest, contact us now to learn how intelliSCREEN is a solution for you.
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Test, Gauge, Track, Repeat
A Complete Solution
intelliSCREEN is a complete solution for testing, gauging, and traceability on the shop floor. Traceability has been and will continue to be a tier one automotive supplier requirement. Our solution gives real-time and accurate data points and measurements to allow our customers to ensure product quality at every step of production. The collaboration between us and Team Ray Technologies allow us to quickly integrate our software, electrical, and mechanical designs into your processes on to single machines or plant wide. To learn more about how intelliSCREEN is a solution for you, contact us.
A Response to COVID-19
Two Companies, One Team
We can use any brand of PLC or other devices to stay in line with your plant standards.
Competitive Pricing
Get more for less. With our broad range of skills, we have fewer communication gaps and are efficient with our design and implementation.
We can provide entire stations or simple add-on devices to an existing control system.
We can provide full turnkey projects to eliminate finger pointing.
Our software applications can integrate with a single machine or an entire plant system. We provide options for defect entry, downtime entry, and OEE reporting.
Our systems are robust and tested. This means less issues and time spent on maintenance and repair.
We provide many options for support contracts that give you access to our staff of engineers and software developers.