Track & Trace
Quality Assurance
Our Track & Trace software, CIT, was designed to overcome the shortcomings of existing traceability software in the industry. Combining our traceability software with the integration experts at Team Ray Technologies, we are able to provide a seamless and intuitive traceability solution quickly and effectively all while remaining affordable.
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A Complete Solution
Traceability made easy
Fast Our traceability solution can be integrated quickly with little to no downtime. The solution itself is also extremely simple and requires very little training.
Accurate When it comes to traceability it is important to never miss a step. Our system is thoroughly tested and accurate, never missing a part unless it's due to operator error.
Easy Our solution only requires operators to perform a few steps. Test, gauge, and print and the part is back on the production line.
Effective We assure that our solution is the best solution. No other traceability solution is as effective and easy to use as ours.
Central Intelligent Tracking
Real-time Traceability
Small Footprint
Our PLC programming has a small footprint and is transparent to mission critical operations. You won't have to upgrade your memory or worry about extended scan times when integrating with CIT.
Simple Integration
Our partnership with Team Ray Technologies allows us to quickly integrate our PLCs into your shop floor with little to no downtime.
Network Flexibility
You can keep your machine network separate from your plant network if desired. We can even host data in the cloud for you.
It doesn't matter what brand of PLC you want to use. CIT can be integrated with any PLC to meet the standards and expectations of your plant.
User credentials allow us to limit access to specific settings and control to those who are qualified. Login can be tied to RFID scanners to quickly identify and track who is working on what.
Repair Stations
Our system allows for repair so that you can get parts back into the production stream. All repairs will have their own timestamp.
Label Printing
We provide many options for serial number creation and label printing.
User Friendly
Our data is organized by machine and part and offers multiple filters to easily navigate and view your data. You can also export reports to Excel.
Image Identification
Images from industrial cameras can be linked to serial numbers, allowing for easy identification of images. These images can also be added to the birth certificate report.
CIT is a plantwide traceability solution. Parts from different departments can be tracked throughout the entire production process.