Overwhelmed with your Industry 4.0 Transformation?
A Helpful Hand
Understanding all the acronyms and terminology in the manufacturing world is a daunting task. Let our seasoned Solution Architects analyze your situation and help you develop a critical path for implementing intelligent platforms to optimize your manufacturing processes.
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Our Solutions
Where does Rockware® Corp. fit in?
We provide the systems and tools to connect your plant floor to your ERP system.
Industry 4.0
More of what we do
Communicating with Machines and Devices
MES, SCADA, ANDON and HMI Software
Component Testing and Gauging Systems
Track and Trace Systems
Error Proofing and Machine Interlocking
Paperless Quality Systems
Cloud Applications and Services
Integrating with ERP Systems
Team Ray Technologies
Looking for Engineering
Team Ray Technologies specializes in integration, automation, and engineering. This allows us to provide you with services and integrated solutions ranging from mechanical design to full MES systems. While most of our competitors have to hire 3rd party to integrate their software into your shop floor, we can eliminate the finger pointing and provide a single point of contact to minimize your cost and headaches.

Where does Team Ray Technologies fit into Industry 4.0?

Choose Us
Some Reasons Why You Should Chose Rockware®
Our focus is on delivering successful solutions to ensure success for our loyal customers. Communicating with machines is complicated and we fill in all the gaps with our highly trained, multi-faceted team. We become intimate with our customers' environment, enabling us to deliver completely integrated and highly effective solutions.
User Friendly
We pride ourselves on our product design as much as our software. We want our users to have as effortless of an experience as possible while using our software, navigating our website, our interacting with our customer support.
Years of development and testing have been spent on our software solutions ensuring that every data point is credible and accurate. Interacive logs, reports, and charts allow you to clearly identify trends.
Our software is constantly adapting to user needs. New features, modules, and products are always in development. Reach out to us to learn more about what is next.
Our support services are affordable and reliable. We pride ourselves on our quick response time and our ability to handle any issues that are directly related to our products.
Pay for what you use. Our module based software allows you to only have what you need. You can always add or drop a module whenever you want.
Our team members are on time, polite, and easy to work with, ensuring that your problems are heard and dealt with appropriately.

A Rockware® Success Story

The Rockware® team delivers effective software on time and in scope and has continued to support my team and me. They uphold a high standard of quality and continue to impress me every time I work with them. Their employees are some of the most professional and easy to work with that I have ever met.
— Frank J., Faurecia Interior Systems